At RBC we believe in the truth and reliability of the bible and therefore it's power and relevance to speak into every area of your life. It is our desire to see Christians growing in hunger and knowledge of  scripture. Whether you have missed a service, listening again or maybe you have just stumbled across our site, we hope and pray that the Spirit ministers to you personally through the available audio.

* Due to technical issues there maybe some sermons that have not been recorded.

Our sermons are now filmed and are available to watch on Youtube. Please click on the link below to visit our Youtube channel.

RBC's Youtube Page

Due to personal preference not every sermon that is filmed is put on our Youtube channel. If you would like to watch a video that you can't find on the youtube page then please click on the link below. Please note that due to the protection of sensitive information we will only send links to people who belong to Redruth Baptist Church.

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