Our purpose in writing these notes is twofold.

First, to use our common sense in interpreting and applying the Government guidance, and second, to seek to responsibly protect all who attend RBC in the current Covid 19 context.

So we have tried to do everything reasonable to protect everyone, especially the vulnerable.




If at all possible be at the church 10 minutes before the start. Doors will close promptly.

We have to keep a record of all attendees for 21 days and then will destroy the appropriate dated list.

Because seating is severely limited by the 2m rule, we have decided that it is most helpful if people reserve a seat by Friday noon if they intend coming.

You need therefore to email to inform us that you are planning to attend. (Contact details below)

A waiting list may be used if numbers wanting to attend exceed seating capacity.

If after booking your seat you are subsequently unable to come, please can you also email us so that your seat can be released for others wishing to attend.

People in a social bubble or household may sit together.

The balcony will not be open until all sanctuary seats are full. 

A seating plan is given to the steward and they will direct family groups to their seats.






The Car park  at Trewirgie School is open as usual.

You are asked to enter at the Penryn Street entrance.

The steward will check your name on the list of attendees.

You must use hand sanitiser on entry.

You must wear a face covering throughout the meeting unless exempted (+see exemption list below)

Please sit in your designated seat(s).

A steward will help any users of the lift.




Please note there are no separate children’s activities taking place at present, although a brief talk may be given with them in mind and an age appropriate worksheet available during the 20 minute sermon.

The Government say that you should avoid singing, speaking loudly or shouting in the meeting.

Instructions will be given for communion, by the leader, so please follow them exactly.

If your children are present they should remain in their seat. If they need the toilet, they will need to be accompanied by their parent/trusted adult.



Please remember the Government advises that we are not meant to speak to those outside our bubble or household. However, please adhere to the 2m rule in any conversation or go outside to talk.

Please follow the stewards directions as to promptly leaving the sanctuary.   

You should be checked out by the steward from the list of attendees.

You should always leave by the front entrance on Station Road.


In the first weeks no tea or coffee will be served.


Constructive comments given to us in love are welcome as we try to improve the situation, but please understand it will take time to get used to the new ways.


 Exemption list:

+When receiving Communion

+Those exempt for health reasons eg. asthma

+Those children under the age of 11 years

+Those who lead, preach, read or pray publicly from the front

+The small band who lead worship